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The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture; A Cyclopeadia of Everything pertaining to the care of the Honey-bee; Bees, Hives, Honey, Implements, Honey-plants, etc. Facts Gleaned from the Experience of Thousands of Bee-keepers, and Afterward Verified in Our Apiary.A.I. Root and E.R. Root 1910, first edition 1877

The Backyard Beekeeper

Bee by Claire Preston

Beekeeping for Dummies

Bees In America- Tammy Horn

Beeconomy-Tammy Horn

Beginning with BEES-LSU AgCenter 

The Beginner's Guide to Beekeeping; Everything You Need to Know-Samantha Johnson and Daniel Johnson

Louisiana Honey Plants, By Dale Pollet, LSU

The Book of Honey

The Joys of Beekeeping-Richard Taylor

The Hive and the Honeybee 

Honeybee Democracy

The Life and Times of the Honeybee-Charles Micucci

A Book of Bees-Sue Hubbell


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